World Paper Models - Special Model Edition

At, we proudly present paper models of the world's most famous landmarks, such as the iconic Big Ben in London or the enchanting Eiffel Tower in Paris, in the form of enchanting paper models. Thanks to their small, compact dimensions, these models won't occupy much of your valuable space.

Imagine being able to place these models in your library, on a shelf at home, or on your office desk. Each model comes with an elegant wooden showcase, ensuring that the models remain clean and free from dust.

"I finally wanted a model that wife or girlfriend would gladly allow me to show in our living room, instead of having to place it in the workshop or garage."


Big Ben and river Thames

Model Westminster

If you're a passionate tourist or simply prefer to have a model that's already assembled, we also offer pre-assembled models with showcases. You can order both pre-assembled and unassembled models here.

The paper models from the World Paper Models series offer several advantages:

  • They are perfectly compact and won't dominate your space (the showcase dimensions are just 10cm x 10cm x 10cm).

  • It's a piece of London or Paris right in your home.

  • Thanks to the showcase, these models remain dust-free.

  • "These models are all about pure joy." A model can be assembled in just 2 hours. All it takes is a touch of care.

Currently, we offer two charming models: the Eiffel Tower and Westminster. We are delighted to announce that more models in the same 1:5000 scale will be gradually added, one by one.

We apologize that the order process is available only in English, but this allows us to efficiently serve more than 10 European countries. From experience, we know that English is widely spoken in Europe, and often at least one family member is proficient in it.

Model Eiffel tower

Immerse yourself in the joy of creating these models and proudly display them in elegant wooden showcase.

With respect, Lukas & the team

About the author: With over 25 years of experience in paper modelling, the author demonstrates how you can embellish your living space with these enchanting models, saving valuable space while still relishing the joy of your modelling passion.